Facts about dogs:
1. Just like humans, dogs can get jealous too if you display affection towards another person or thing.
2. Dogs suffer from separation anxiety just like kids. To avoid separation anxiety, leave a piece of your clothing that smells like you when you are not around.
3. Your dog can tell how you are feeling by picking up your body scents. They can detect certain diseases, as well as when someone in the family is pregnant.
4. Service dogs are special dogs that are trained to detect bodily changes in humans. For example, seizure alert dogs help patients alert their family members during seizure attacks. Diabetic alert dogs can detect changes in body insulin levels.
5. Dogs’ noses are moist to absorb and recognize different scents. Their sense of smell is at least ten thousand times better than humans. Bloodhounds can trace over 12-day-old scents.
6. Newfoundland dogs are great swimmers because of their webbed paws. They can also help haul stuff in water like fishermen nets, boat lines, and can even retrieve people that fall in water by accident.
7. United States has the highest number of pet dogs. This is about 75 million dogs.
8. Dog’s night vision is far better than humans and they can also hear from about 4 times the distance humans can.
9. You can tell when your dog is dreaming by their paw movements and twitching.
10. Unlike humans, dogs only have sweat glands on the pads of their feet. So they don’t stink everywhere like humans.
11. ‘Dogs only see in black and white’ is a myth. They can see shades of blues, yellows and grays.
12. Dogs can detect Earthquakes and Storms.
13. Chocolate can make dogs sick or even kill them.
14. A dog wags its tail to the right when it’s happy, and to the left when it is scared.
15. Newborn puppies are born blind and deaf till about 2 weeks.
16. A dog can differentiate between a happy vs angry human face.
17. A dog’s nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint.