Amazing facts about snakes:
1. Out of over 700 venomous snake species in the world, nearly 250 species can kill a man with just one bite.
2. Venomous snakes are killing machines right from their birth. In fact, younger snakes tend to strike more, while older ones prefer to flee.
3. King cobra’s venom can kill an elephant with only one strike.
4. Snakes have a transparent scale to protect their eyes since they have no eyelids.
5. Snakes can’t pick sounds from air like us because they have no ears. They pick vibrations from the ground through their jawbones.
6. Poisonous snakes are usually brightly colored to warn predators to stay away.
7. World’s smallest snake, Barbados thread-snake, is only 4 inches long while an anaconda can grow up to 38 feet.
8. Snakes kept in confined spaces like zoos don’t move much and can survive on only a couple of meals per year.
9. Most snakes lay eggs but some snakes give birth to young ones that are independent right from birth.
10. To help them grow, snakes shed their skin at regular intervals. It’s called molting.
11. Many snake species are endangered and close to extinction because of humans. Reasons being fear of snake bite and their valuable skins.
12. Snakes survive in all continents except Antarctica.
13. Snakes can dislocate their jaws and swallow prey that is larger than their head size.
14. Snakes smell using their tongues.
15. Over 100,000 people are killed every year from snake bites.
16. During snake charming performances, snakes respond to movement, not sound.